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Dakota Fade Sock Sniffing Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 23, 2022

Dakota Fade Sock Sniffing Foot Jerk Off Instructions for sock sniffing beta losers. Dakota Fade Sock Sniffing is a self worship foot JOI. Do you smell that? My sock smells like salt and vinegar chips for some reason. I don’t know what that could be. Fucking this candle it’s not hiding the smell of my sweaty socks. I know but I sweat that smell isn’t from my stinky socks dude, it’s not my feet I sear. I don’t care what you say. It’s definitely not my feet. My socks aren’t even dirty. Fine, I’ll entertain this, let me take a sniff of my own socks as a test. I mean, I guess they’re a little dirty. I don’t really think so. I think you’re tripping. That smell isn’t my socks. Okay.Do you want me to take them off? You can go wash them if they’re that big of a problem for you. I don’t think my freaking stocks are that stinky. They’re, like, not even that dirty. I mean the bottom is a little darker than the top, but, like, not by much. You notice how all white socks get stained over time. I bet you don/t have perfect feet like mine. It’s crazy. They really do smell like egg, salt and vinegar chips. My socks also kind of have like an earthy smell too. They also smell like what the ground smells like right after it rains. It’s like that. Oh, my God. I described it perfectly. Here, smell. Do you think I’m lying? Well, I know they totally smell like that. This sock too! I mean, I don’t know if my feet smell or if it’s just the dirty socks. You tell me, do these feet smell weird to you? I never thought my sweat would, like, smell like that. Here, take a big whiff. So odd. Yeah, my feet smell very vinegary. Like, extremely crazy. Here, smell my toes. The smell is kind of addicting. Kind of like when you smell a sharpie or something. It has that kind of addictiveness to it. Okay, I have to focus, so stop making fun of me for my stinky socks. Yeah, keep them. My gosh.


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