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Goddess Maddy Sock Fetish Humiliation Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 19, 2022

Goddess Maddy Sock Fetish Foot Jerk Off Instructions for sock sniffing foot boys. Goddess Maddy Sock Fetish is worse than yours! You know what foot boy? You got to be a pretty pathetic fucking bitch to want to see my souls and socks. And you know what? That really drives me crazy. And actually, it’s kind of fucking hilarious just knowing that you’re not even deserving of seeing these hot, sexy, soles. I know how much of a sock freak you are, which also tells me how big your dick is and I know it’s got to be pathetically fucking small obviously. You know what? If you were an actual alpha, you would fucking ask to see my soles. You would demand to see them. But you’re giving off very beta energy just by wanting to see my stinky little socks. And look at the way that my sock is so sticky and sweaty which I know is just aggravating your sock fetish even harder! You like it when they’re in between my toes, these dirty little fucking socks. Oh, they’re so dirty and so stinky which is probably making you really hard just thinking about it you foot fetish whore. And these are actually socks for apathetic little beta that fucking ordered them. What a fucking loser. Am I right? Out of anything you could order from me, from my closet, anything, you’re getting a pair of used socks. Does it get any more pathetic than that? Look at you as you sit there staring into my socks, practically drooling at the thought of even sniffing my sweaty socks. Do you think you even deserve to sniff them, you little beta bitch? So you can sit there, admire my dirty, stinky little sock and maybe if you’re a good boy and you stop being such a fucking bitch, I’ll allow you maybe a couple sniffs or maybe a single sniff or maybe no sniffs because it doesn’t seem like you’re deserving of a sniff anyways.

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