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Mathema Kitten Soft Soles GFE JOI

Uploaded on: April 1, 2023

Mathema Kitten Soft Soles GFE JOI Girl Friend Experience Foot Tease JOI Onlyfans Jerk Off Instructions for foot fetish porn addicts. Oh, my gosh, babe, I’m so happy you’re home. I’ve missed you so much while you were gone. I swear, these last five days felt like an entire month. You have to promise that you’re not gonna judge me. But like, the other night, I was missing you so, so much. So I went into your closet and I got your shirt. I knew that you hadn’t taken it to the dry cleaner yet and it just oh, my God, it smells like you. It smells so good. This has been, like, the only thing that has gotten me through these last several days without you. I’ve just missed you so, so much. Having you here with me to snuggle every single night, I’m so, so lucky to have you, baby. Have you missed Mathema Kitten Soft Soles? You’re the best boyfriend ever. And now you’re finally home. Well, I think one of the things that I have missed the most since you’ve been gone is having you worship my feet. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot more that I miss. But it would make me so, so happy if you could worship them for me since you’re finally home. All right, babe, here’s the deal. If you do a good job worshipping my feet for the first time since you’ve been home, I’m going to give you a little reward and I’m going to let you cum for me today. But you know what? You’re the best foot worshipper ever, so I know that you’re going to do a really good job. Um oh, my God. I’ve been needing this so badly. Why don’t you take your cock out and start stroking it for Mathema Kitten Soft Soles? Nice and slow. Look how much spit you’ve already gotten on my foot. Nice and slow, baby, just like this. I want you to squeeze nice and tight because you already know how tight my little pussy is. And you love how it feels wrapped around that perfect cock. You look so good stroking your cock for me. I love to see how rock hard my perfect soles and my tight little pussy make you. Oh, you deserve to have a nice big cum shot today, baby? Super intense orgasm just for Mathema Kitten Soft Soles. Because you know what? I know that you did such a good job on your work trip this weekend, and you really, really deserve to have a super hard orgasm for me. You’re so good to me. You are the best boyfriend ever. You take such good care of my perfect feet, my soft soles and my cute little toes. Would I ever do without you, baby? Oh, stroke for me. Faster. I can tell that you’re right on the verge of cumming for me, so you know what? I’m going to let you cum. You’ve done such a good job.You were gone all week. Are you ready for you cum count down babe?


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