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Dakota Fade Foot Fetish Worship Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 23, 2022

Dakota Fade Foot Fetish Worship Tease for her Boss during a Job Interview Foot JOI. Dakota Fade Foot Fetish worship is your obedience training. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah. My name is Dakota. How are you doing today? I’m good, thank you. Let’s dive right in. So my qualifications for this job is I’ve been working int his industry for a year and a half now, and I think I could be a great asset to your team. And some really good traits that I have is that I’m extremely detail oriented. I work great in groups. I consider myself a team leader. I love directing and getting people to really function as a well oiled machine. And I also just think that I’m extremely personable and honest, and I think that could be a great asset to this company. Is there something that I said wrong? Have you looked at my resume? Truly, I think I would be a great candidate for this position. So you’re just not interested? Okay, well, let me just put you straight. I really need this job, and I can prove that I am worthy of working here. No, you’re not even going to give me the time of day? Why don’t you even have me come into the office, then? Okay, well, I’m sure we can continue to discuss this. There has to be something else I can offer besides the things I’ve already listed. There’s one other thing I can offer. What would that be? I mean, I noticed you’ve been staring at my feet this entire time. Could this maybe sway your opinion on hiring me? Well, my heels have been hurting a lot. My soles just hate being trapped in these feet heels. So maybe I can offer something else. I mean, you can’t hide that bulge in your pants from me. I could see it from a mile away. Dakota Fade Foot Fetish senses are very advanced. This is helping you change your mind at all?Yeah, I thought it would.Would you mind if I got just alittle bit more comfortable for this interview? It’s kind of hot in here. I had to take off my jacket. I don’t think you understand how badly I need this job. Like I said, I think I have a lot of good assets to add to this company. Do you think that maybe you should suck my feet, would that help me get a job here? I mean, I’m not opposed to trying it. Well, how do they taste? A little salty. Well, I was just sweating in those heels all day so my feet are extra sweaty. What did you expect? That feels really nice. Never had my feet worshipped before. Oh, my gosh. Do you want to finish stroking to me while I talk to myself?

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