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Eva De Vil Feet CEI and Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 15, 2022

Eva De Vil Feet CEI and Foot JOI Cum eating instructions for foot addicted losers! Eva De Vil Feet jerk off instructions. Lick every drop of that cum looser! Jerk for my sexy little feet in these adorable white sandals. You’re so mind fucked by my feet, aren’t you, my little bitch. It’s okay to admit it. I know you are. It turns me on how head fucked you are. How deeply addicted you are by my perfect feet. You even stopped fucking your wife, didn’t you? Because you were jerking to my feet every day. I can’t blame you when they look this good. See my pretty toes wiggling? I know it makes you so hard pervert, strip for these sexy white toenails. My perfect feet have taken over your life, haven’t they? You’ll never escape this section. You can only go deeper into it. All that matches is tricking for my face. And I’m sure you want to see these sexy, silky, shiny soles, don’t you? Well, beg for it then. Go on. While you pump your fist on your clock beg me to show you that I love hearing the desperation in your voice as you back. I love how head fucked you are. You are in so deep for my sexy feet, aren’t you? Tell me that my feet are better than your wife’s pussy and I’ll show you my soles. That’s it. Good boy. I know it’s true. These are the feet that have taken over your life. Lick the screen right where my foot is. Show me how grateful you are for this opportunity to worship them. That’s a good boy. You’ll never get over this addiction. All you can do is give into it. I feel so good knowing how deep your addiction is. Knowing that you’ll never be able to get over these feet. You’d rather jerk to my feet every day than fuck your wife, wouldn’t you? Tell me that you prefer stroking from my feet to having sex with your wife? You like my feet more than your wife’s pussy. You’d rather lick the screen and lick my feet then her pussy, strip for these silky soles. You’re going to eat your comb for these perfect feet. Yes, you are, my little addict. Jerk for them every day and do exactly what your foot goddess tells you to. These feet own you, don’t they? This feet control you. Just give into it. Don’t try and fight it. I want you to cum into your hand for my feet. On my countdown, 54321 cum on my feet. That it my my little addict. You’re so fucked cuming your hand. Every single drop always tastes so good. It feels good to come for my feet, doesn’t it? It feels good to obey my feet. That’s my good boy. You’re going to watch this clip every day. And cum for my feet every time. No more sex, no more pussy. Only feet. And you’re gonna eat it too for my silky soles. Understand? Addict.

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