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Eva De Vil Fishnet Stockings Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 15, 2022

Eva De Vil Fishnet Stockings Foot JOI for fishnet and stockings worshiping addicts! Eva De Vil Fishnet Stockings will make you rock hard! Don’t you just love a lady’s long toned legs in fishnets? Love the way the shapes highlight the curves of my legs, my thighs, my calfs. Just looks perfect. And I know you think so. In fact, you just can’t get enough. You can’t stop thinking about it, can’t stop seeking it out, wanting to stroke for it. Especially me in fishness. Even more so my feet in fishness. You love that, don’t you? Look at my sweet little toes spreading between those fishnets. That’s the thing about fishnets.They’re rather see through those secrets behind beanstalking. How does my little bitch feel about sucking my not so secret toes? How would you like to take these pretty feet in your mouth and see how many toes you can fit? Personally, I would love to see you stuffing them in your mouth until you gag. I think that would be pretty sexy. I’d pull my feet out of your mouth and you’d see all this spit getting caught in these toes. Quite a beautiful thing actually I think. They just make my arches look even sexier too. I really didn’t think it was possible. I thought there’s no way these perfect soles could get any prettier. But they do and you are just obsessed with it. They get fluff on them so easily. I do not love that. It’s like I need a little slave to come and pick it all off. Maybe lick it off with his tongue. I would love that slave. A doing Something useful. I really do have the sexiest feet from the hottest legs. We just have such a banging body. The fact is that I look drop dead gorgeous in anything you put me in. You want another taste? You want to worship them so badly you need to be fed, my pretty toes. I’m just going to relax while you go ahead and do your job. You see my pretty French manicure underneath those toes? Keep going. Can you fit both my feet in your mouth at once? I bet these fishnets would feel good on your cock. It’s like my feet are ribbed for your pleasure. The only thing about fishnets is old pantyhoes and stockings. Really is that they don’t last long. So fragile, so easy for me to just break one of these links and then there’s a hole. I mean there’s plenty of holes, but an unintentional one. How about next time when I get a hole in these, inevitably I’ll just give them to you and then you can worship them and cherish them forever. They can have a second home with little fish net lover.

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