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Eva De Vil Humiliation Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 15, 2022

Eva De Vil Humiliation Foot JOI for horny loser foot cucks who are lonely! Eva De Vil Humiliation is a quite intense JOI story combo. Hi, bitch. I want to tell you about something funny that I like to do to little losers like you. Sometimes I’ll be out of the club and I’ll just get bored. You know how it is. The club is playing the same old songs and it’s just a little tedious. So I like to go hunting. I like to find myself a guy that I can lure back to my place, making him think that his dreams are about to come true, taking home an absolute knockout like me. Obviously, depending on my mood, I might pick a total stud who I can go home and fuck his brains out, of course. But other times, I just don’t feel like having sex. I feel like having a more cruel and devious type of fun. And after dancing around in the club all evening, wow. Sometimes my feet could just do with a little attention. So I find myself a little beta loser. Not a total zero, maybe like a two or three. A guy who would definitely never be able to pull me in real life. Somebody that I can easily manipulate and take advantage of without even trying. Someone who’s going to let me walk all over him when the time is right. So I pick my loser. I take him home. He’s so excited in the taxi. I can tell that he is absolutely raging hard. Then we get back to mine, to my place. But I make him go and make me a cup of tea so that I can relax. I go and sit on my couch, maybe lay down on my bed. He brings me my drink when I tell him to start rubbing my feet. And he gladly obeys because hello, he is this close to fucking me. Of course he’s going to do whatever I tell him to. I instruct him exactly how I want to rub my sore, tired feet for at least five or ten minutes. By that point, I think maybe he’s starting to wonder if this is all it’s going to be. So I tell him to start licking them, licking them from bottom to top. Tell him to start sucking on my toes, one by one, putting each of them in his mouth, telling him what a good boy he is. They never refuse. They do what I tell them to every single time. I tell them to lick between the gaps of my toes. I tell him to drag his tongue all over my soles, getting them slippy and watch. And then I tell him, as he’s got my big toe in his mouth, I say I don’t fuck losers like you, little pussy list losers like you only get feet sometimes. They choke a little on my toes at that point, but most of the time I can see their bodies just weaken at that, like they’re melting. Having been put in their place by me, they know it’s true. They know that they don’t deserve to fuck me. They know that licking and sucking on my toes is the best they can get if they want to worship my divine body. And I tell them that this is the best it’s going to get for you, loser. So you better do a good fucking job at making my feet feel a whole lot more comfortable and relaxed if you want to stay here, worshipping me. Sometimes if I’m feeling a little wound off or sexually frustrated, I might slip my hand in my panties, start playing with my pussy as this loser is sucking on my toes. It’s quite enjoyable to masturbate while somebody is sucking your toes. That turns them on like something crazy. All this time that they’ve been licking andrubbing my feet and they’re a little erection. It’s not going anywhere, not letting up. So I tell them, you can rub it on my feet. If you ask nicely, I’ll let you slide that stiff throbbing little cock between my slippery feet. They do. They say, Please, Eva, please, will you play with my clock with your feet? I say beg. Beg for it. Show me that you want it. You want to relieve those Blue Bulls loser? Take a little of the pressure off from this brutal denial of sex that I’ve put you through. And you know, several of them have even told me I’m not even into feet. But for you goddess, sucking your exquisite toes is such a turn on. When they beg me to touch their cock with my feet. There are little loser cucks and all it takes is a few little strokes with my defined soles. Eva De Vil Humiliation will have you feel ashamed and horny at the same time!


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