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Eva De Vil Soles in Cheerleader Cosplay Converse Removal Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 15, 2022

Eva De Vil Soles in Cheerleader Cosplay Converse Removal Foot JOI for foot sniffers! If you’re gonna die sniffing your screen for this one. Eva De Vil Soles are super stinky! These shoes are so gross. But you don’t mind, do you? Perfect. It’s more than just that. You don’t mind. You like it like like that. You like them gross, old, worn, smelly. I’m so glad I can get rid of them. I want some nice new, clean shoes in my collection to fill their space. But these filthy old things, I’m not just going to throw them in the trash. Oh, God, no. That will be sacrilege. That will be a missed opportunity. Why throw out my stinky old sneakers when I could just sell them to a little foot pervert like you? Who will be happy to take them off my hands? Who’ll be happy to bid on them, make sure that he wins. Make sure that they’re going to be his. I stopped wearing socks in them, too, just to get them extra smelly. I can feel my feet getting sweaty in them right now. It’s so disgusting. I can feel the soles of my feet getting all moist. The trick is to tie the laces nice and tight so that they can’t aerate, so that you can’t get any oxygen into your foot and the fabric can soak up on the sweat and the odor so that it’s nice and stinky for its next owner. You can’t wait, can you, bitch? Can’t wait for these to be yours. I’ve been working out in them, too. Going on some nice long, sweaty bike rides, walks. It’s only a shame that I’m going to have to mail them to you. Imagine how good and fresh that odor would be if you took these shoes right off my feet. I would have to make you kneel and lick them first. Look all around this rubber edge, following this blue and red line. I’m not kidding when I say they’re dirty. Look how filthy they are. Look at the laces. They’re all black. I don’t even know how that happened. I would make you trace your tongue all the way around the edge of both of them before carefully undoing the laces using only your mouth, only your tongue. To undo that knot. I would pull the shoe off of my foot. And before I let you take a big deep sniff, like I know you’re dying to, I want you to lick the sole of my foot from bottom to top as well. Although, judging by how stinky these are right now, I’m sure that odor would be wafting towards your nose just for me taking them off. Lick bitch. You want to sniff these shoes or not? Of course you do. Lick my foot and get your tongue between my sweaty toes. Good boy. Let me show you how dirty it is in there, how worn out it is. These used to be white, you know. Look at it. You see how filthy that is? I must have owned these shoes for a few years now. UK size five sniff. Let the smell of my feet. Feel your nose. Oh, God, yes. I want you to think about how many miles I must have walked in these shoes. I think I could get them even stinkier if you let me have them for another couple of weeks. We’re in a heat wave right now. My feet are sweating nonstop. I’ve even been keeping them wrapped up in a plastic bag when I’m not wearing them, just to get them nice and musty. Not letting any of that odor or air escape to refresh them. You are going to be so hard and so excited when you receive this package from me. Just think, they’re going to be sitting in your lap so soon. One day you’re going to be holding them up to your nose and sniffing them for me. Sniff it to take a deep inhale while you look into my eyes and know that that is my foot that you’re smelling. God is eva’s foot! To a looser like you I don’t doubt that this is more exciting than that little twisted foot pirate like you. A little shoe licking foot sniffing bitch. I want you to jerk off while you sniff my shoes. I want you to hold it up to your nose for the whole stroke session. Breathing deeply.

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