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Goddess Tiny Queens Gambit Cosplay Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 31, 2022

Goddess Tiny Queens Gambit Cosplay Foot JOI for chess players with a foot fetish. Goddess Tiny Queens Gambit will never let you play chess again without imagining feet on the board. We haven’t even started yet and already I can tell you’re incredibly distracted. So what is it? Are you nervous about playing against a girl? Are you nervous that you’ll lose to a girl? Or is it something else that’s distracting you or bothering you? I’m not doing anything. I’m just here to compete and I’d like to play the game at hand, but it wouldn’t be any fun if my opponent was unable to play. Go on, tell me. Okay, you say you’re not distracted. Fine. I’ll just wait for you to get yourself together. I’m just going to organize my chess pieces on my side of the board while I wait for you. Or is that distracting? I’m just adjusting my dress. Really? If you’re going to accuse me of cheating, make it a good accusation. Are you about ready? Look at you. Your cheeks are all flushed. You’re all hot and bothered for Goddess Tiny Queens Gambit Foot JOI. I bet you’re wondering what’s the best way to ask her out after this game? I can beat you any day of the week, anytime, any place. So you just keep getting mentally ready. What now? I can’t rest my feet on the board like this? I promise I’ll put my foot backdown when it’s time to start. But for now, I just would like to stretch out a little bit. Let my toes get so air. Don’t worry. No one’s watching us. They’re all paying attention to their own games. Which started a while ago, but here we are, waiting for you to get yourself together. I don’t see how having my bare feet on the chess board is a problem unless you have some sort of foot fetish or something. Why would I not wear shoes to a tournament? That would be crazy. Unless, of course, I knew that my opponent had foot fetish. Did you really think I entered this tournament without researching you? Oh, come on. I’m smarter than look. I’m embarrassed for you that you didn’t know that about me. I’ll use any trick in the book to win, and if that means using my feet to play dirty, then that’s what I’ll do. Let’s play a little game. You’re going to suck on my toes until I tell you to stop and if I decide that you’ve done it adequately, I’ll give you a little surprise while we actually play our chess match. Start sucking my toes perfectly and I’ll give you a little footjob under this table. Nobody will know, and I’ll still beat you. You think you can really handle it? You think that you can beat me even when I distract you playing with your cock with my feet? You’re tougher to crack than I thought you’d be but let’s try it now. I am curious to see how long you can last before cumming for Goddess Tiny Queens Gambit footjob.

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