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Goddess Tiny Sweaty Feet Foot JOI

Uploaded on: December 31, 2022

Goddess Tiny Sweaty Feet Foot Jerk Off Encouragement JOI. How badly do you want Goddess Tiny Sweaty Feet in your face? Were you watching me? Really? Come on, we live together now. We work out together every day. Surely you’re tired of watching me, right? What do you mean? No, it’s the same stuff every day, same shoes, same type of pilates kind of workouts. I’m out of breath. I really thought you would have gotten tired of my sweaty feet by now. Usually I don’t wear socks with these, but today I did. So you get a double dose of that delicious spice smell you love. Go ahead baby and sniff all of my sweaty socks and inhale deeply. Of course you get both. You’re here for the shoes inhale the smell of my stinky sneakers, good boy. I’m just going to tease you a little bit with my feet because I know you want these sweaty socks and these sweaty feet in your face so badly. You’re getting nice and hard for Goddess Tiny Sweaty Feet. Go ahead and get your could out. This is what you wanted right? You waited till I was done with my workout so you could stroke your cock while inhaling the smell of my sweaty soles. Even my feet are kind of wet now. Sniff these sweaty socks too. Let that intoxicating smell take over your senses. Feel how damp this sock is because of my sweat. And of course, I’m going to rest the other foot on your face. Let me feel your nose with my toes. In fact, let me put both of my feet on your face. Let me just rest them right here. You want to follow my commands? I like that aspect of this game too. I’m going to rest my feet on your face and you’re going to listen to the sound of my voice while I tell you what to do. Sniff that sock in your hand. Sniff these nice sweaty feet. Having such a hot girlfriend who takes care of her self is such a privilege, isn’t it? One who lets you smell her feet after a workout and doesn’t think it’s weird? I Think it’s kind of hot. Start stroking faster while you sniff these sweaty feet.


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