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Queen Rosethorn Babysitter Feet JOI

Uploaded on: December 11, 2022

Your babysitter Queen Rosethorn Babysitter Feet Jerk Off Instructions JOI will make you be a good boy and worship her feet. She will exploit your foot fetish for her benefit as she laughs at you foot slut. Queen Rosethorn cosplays as a babysitter while she commands you to worship her toes and soles! You will be instructed to sniff, lick and suck toes like a good foot puppy and you better do a good job and keep mistress Rosethorn happy! How much of a foot freak are you? How much are you controlled by your foot fetish obsession? Why can’t you cum to anything except my feet, toes and soles? Why are you this fascinated by Queen Rosethorn Babysitter Feet JOI unless you are a foot loser. Spread your legs because I wanna kick you right in the balls and I know you’re gonna enjoy it. Ya I know about your ballbusting fetish loser. You just love when women step all over your balls. You fantasise about my toes crushing your balls until all the cum and blood leaks out! Stop squirming and struggling, I know you love getting your balls busted by my feet.

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